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Vintage HAM Radio | Radioaficion Ham Radio

Vintage HAM Radio

Drake 2-B Ham Radio Tube Receiver AM CW SSB Vintage

Demo of a nice working Drake 2-B receiver. Covers 80-10 meters. Very stable. Great rig for SSB and CW operation. I use one of these teamed up with a Vintage transmitter. Big fun to operate.
From: dlab500
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The Heathkit DX-40 Review

The Heathkit DX-40 Review. Older technology-it has been sold.
From: burt2481
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Hallicrafters S-86 receiver

This is my 'new' receiver. It's a Hallicrafters S-86, which is the AC/DC version of the S-85. You can see me measuring if there's voltage on the metal case. It still has some of the original caps, i'll be replacing them sooner or later. Maybe i'll add a safety transformer too. After replacing the electrolytics in the power supply, it works just fine. I used slightly smaller values than original, because i didn't have any larger ones. Because of that, it hums a bit. I'll add some more capacitance when i'm replacing the wax caps still in place. It misses quite a few knobs... This receiver is very sensitive, the audio is quite good (much better than in the video- the photo camera doesn't have a good built in mike) and the selectivity is good enough. It doesn't have any fancy filters apart from a simple tone adjustment switch (the thing i turn with the green pliers) It isn't very stable directly after switching on, and don't make it vibrate... it'll jump quite a few 100's of hz as you can hear, when i tap it with my finger.) i absolutely love it! it's got way more charm than my Yaesu FRG-7, and SSB reception is much better intelligable. The 'pitch control' thingie lets you adjust the pitch of CW signals, or choose between USB and LSB signals. I still have to get used to tuning in with this receiver. Local time: 16.00. Location: Zaandam, The Netherlands. Antenna is 15m longwire.
From: mfbfreak
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Ten-Tec 560 Corsair 80m

Ten-Tec 560 Corsair SSB filters 2.4kHz(4-pole), 1.8kHz (8-pole)and CW 500Hz (6-pole)
From: Reset71
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Hallicrafters SX-71 Radio Receiver

Overall view and demo
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Heathkit DX-40 Transmitter

Transmitter tuneup and phone operation.
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