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TW-4000A FM Dual-Bander | Radioaficion Ham Radio

TW-4000A FM Dual-Bander


Kenwood TW-4000A FM "Dual-Bander."

Manufactured: 1983 (Discontinued)

review Kenwood TW-4000A FM "Dual-Bander."

2 m & 70 cm in single compact package, LCD, 25 W, optional voice synthesizer.

KENWOOD'S TW-4000A FM "Dual-Bander" provides new versatility in VHF and UHF operations, uniquely combining 2 m and 70 cm FM functions in a single compact package


2m and 70 cm FM in a Compact Package

Covers the 2 m band (142,000-148.995 MHz), inctuding certain MARS and CAP frequencies, plus the 70 cm FM band (440,000-449.995 MHz). all in a single compact package. Only 6-3/8 (161)W x 2-3/8 (601H x 8-9/16 (21711) inches 1mm), and 4A lbs. (2.0 kg.).

• Large, Easy-to-Read LCD Display

A green, multi-function back-lighted LCD display for better visibility. Indicates frequency, memory channel, repeater offset, "S" or -RF" level, VFO A/B. scan, busy, and "ON AIR: Dimmer switch.

■ 25 Watts RF Power on 2 m/70 cm. Hl/Lo power switch.

• Optional "Voice Synthesizer Unit** Installs Inside the TW-4000A. Voice announces frequency, band. VFO A or B. repeater offset, and memory channel number.

■ Front Panel Illumination

• 10 Memories with Offset Recall and Lithium Battery Backup

Stores frequency, band. ;ind repeater offset Memory 0 stores receive and transmit frequencies independently for odd repeater offsets, or cross-band operation.

• Programmable Memory Scan Programmable to scan all memories, or only 2 m or 70 cm memories. Also may be programmed to skip channels.

• Band Scan in Selected 1-MHz Segments Scans within the chosen l~MHz segment (ie 144.000-144*995 or 440.000-440.995. etc J. The scanning direction may be reversed by pressing either the "UP* or 'DOWN' buttons on the microphone.

» Priority Watch Function Unit switches td memory 1 for I second each 10 seconds, to monitor the activity on the priority channel.

• Common Channel Scan

Memory 8 and 9 are alternately scanned every 5 seconds. Either channel may be recalled instantly.

Dual Digital VFO'S

Selectable 5-kllz or 10-kHz for 2 m, and 5-kHz or 25-kHz for 70 cm. Depress "UP" or "DOWN" key on the front panel for band change in 1-MHz steps.

• 16-Key Autopatch UP DOWN Microphone (Supplied]

• Repeater Reverse Switch

• High Performance Receiver/Transmitter

GaAs FET HK amplifiers on both 2 m and 70 cm, high performance MCF's in the 1st IF section, provide high receive sensitivity and excellent dynamic range. The high reli ability RF power modules assure clean and dependable transmissions on either band.

• Rugged Die-cast Chassis

■ Optional Two-Frequency CTCSS Encoder Easily mounted Inside the radio, allows DIP switch programming of two different tone frequencies, for 2 m and 70 cm.

• "BEEPER" sounds through speaker.

• Easy-to-Install mobile mount TW 4000A accessories:

• VS-l Voice Synthesizer

• TTJ-4C Two-Frequency Programmable CTCSS Encoder

• KPS-7A Fixed station power supply

• SP-40 Compact mobile speaker

review Kenwood TW-4000A FM "Dual-Bander."

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