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IC-706MKIIG HF-70cm mobile tranceiver | Radioaficion Ham Radio

IC-706MKIIG HF-70cm mobile tranceiver


ICOM IC-706MKIIG HF-70cm mobile tranceiver

Manufactured: Japan, 1999-2009 (Discontinued)

IC-706MKIIG HF-70cm mobile tranceiver

The Amazing Evolution – Still Number One!
HF, 6m, 2m and 70cm transceiver (50/144/430MHz)
Output power: (100W @ HF & 6m, 50W @ 2m and 20W @70cm)

  • DSP & IF passband tuning, providing superior interference rejection
  • Noise blanker
  • Speech compressor
  • 107 memories with alpha-numeric name capability
  • Illuminated keys and switches
  • SWR graph function
  • Simple band scope
  • Adjustable SSB carrier point
  • Built-in electronic keyer function
  • Semi and full break-in (QSK)
  • CW reverse function
  • Vox
  • Fully removable with optional separation cable and mounting kit

HF to 70 cm band coverage

Operating frequency range has been expanded to the 70 cm band. Of course, all mode operation (SSB, CW. RTTY, AM and FM) is possible and a full 100 W of output power is available for HF and 6 m operation; 50 W tor 2 m and 20 W tor 70 cm operation.

High stability transmitter

MOS-FET power amplifiers are employed al the PA unit for all HF, 6 m. 2 m and 70 cm bands. And, a one piece aluminum, die-casl chassis with a large cooling fan is employed. This combination provides stable, high quality output with low IMD and low spurious emissions even during full duty cycle and extended operation.

Illuminated keys and switches

Backlighting of keys and switches is a great help during nighttime operation—the intensity is even adjustable!

Tone squelch standard

Tone squelch operation is available in FM mode for basic signalling and quiet standby. Tone frequencies can be set independently for tone squelch (Tx/Rx) and repealer tones, and a range of SO frequencies is available. A tone scan function is available to search for a repeater's access tone quickly and easily.

Automatic repeater function*

An automatic repeater function is available and repeater frequencies can be programmed via a special operation. This eliminates the need for repeater settings for 6 m, 2 m or 70 cm repealer operation. 'Standard lor USA version; programming required for others.

Optional high frequency stability

±0.5 ppm of high frequency stability is provided when an optional CR-282 high stability crystal unit is installed.

Simple operation

The individual band change key, a sub dial and quick band change capability provide simple operation. The individual band change key allows quick and easy QSY, the sub dial enhances mobile and memory operation, and the quick band change capability selects pre-set frequency bands with the last-used frequency and mode. Also, each band can store preamplifier/attenuator and tuner on/off settings.

Narrow FM capability

For FM operation on the 10 m or the 2 m (where narrow FM is required) bands, the IC-706MKIIG has narrow FM capability that allows you to take advantage of this operating mode.

107 memory channels with alphanumeric name capability

99 channels can memorize both transmit and receive frequencies separately: 6 channels are for programmed scan edges; and 2 channels are for call memory tor the 2 m and 70 cm bands. And. up to 9-character alphanumeric names can be programmed into each memory channel.

ICOM IC-706MKIIG HF-70cm mobile tranceiver

And more...

■ Up to 3 selectable passband widlhs ■ Built-in electronic keyer • CW reverse function • Ad-lustable CW pitch • Full break-in (QSK) • IF shift interference rejection • Superior audio characteristics • Continuously adjustable RF output power ■ VOX ■ AF speech compressor • RF gain control • Adjustable SSB carrier point »4 scan types • Noise blanker • Receiver protection circuit • RIT • Selectable AGC time constant • Optional voice synthesizer »Ci-v capability • Digital multi-function S/RF meter ■ Optional antenna tuners (control circuit built-in)


IC-706MKIIG HF-70cm mobile tranceiver

IC-706MKIIG HF-70cm mobile tranceiver

IC-706MKIIG HF-70cm mobile tranceiver



  • AH2B Antenna Whip, Mobile/Base
  • AH4 Auto Antenna Tuner
  • AT180 Antenna Tuner, Auto, HF/6M

High-Stability crystal units

  • CR282 Crystal, high stability

CI-V system

  • CT17 CI-V Level Converter


  • FL100 Filter, CW, 500Hz
  • FL101 Filter, 9MHz, CW/RTTY, 250Hz
  • FL103 Filter, 9.01 15MHz, 2.8KHz/-6dB
  • FL223 Filter, SSB NARROW, 9.0115MHz
  • FL232 Filter, 9MHz, CW/RTTY, 370Hz


  • IC-PW1 HF+50MHz 1kW HF Linear Amplifier


  • HM103 Microphone

Mounting Brackets/Base

  • MB62 Bracket, Mounting for Main Body
  • MB63 Bracket, Mounting for Front Panel
  • MB65 Mounting Base for glove-box/console fit MB63 & front panel
  • MB72 Carry Handle for IC-706MKII/G


  • OPC-025D DC Cord
  • OPC-581 Cable, Separation, Front Panel/Main Body, 3.5m
  • OPC-587 Cable, Separation, Front Panel/Main Body, 5m
  • OPC-589 Cable, Adaptor, modular to 8 pin connector
  • OPC-599 Cable, Adaptor, 13 Pin to 7/8 Pin Connector

External DC power supply

  • PS125 DC Power Supply

Desktop Microphones

  • SM20 Microphone, Desk, (Req OPC-589)

External speakers

  • SP10 External Speaker 4 Ohm, 5W, Tweeter
  • SP22 Speaker, Mobile, 8 Ohm, 5W

Voice Synthesizer unit

  • UT102 Voice Synthesizer

DSP unit

  • UT106 DSP Unit, Current model has been fitted from Factory

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