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Super Star 2400 CB Radio | Radioaficion Ham Radio

Super Star 2400 CB Radio



The Super Star 2400 is a combination transmitter-receiver designed primarily for mobile use, It employs the very latest technology to provide 240 channels of operation by means of digital frequency synthesis with PLL PLL02A (phase-locked-loop) circuitry. The use of PLL assures a precise on-frequency operation on every channel in both transmit and receive mode. The Super Star 2400 also includes many other features which will provide greater operating convenience and assure optimum communications under a wide range of conditions.

Super Star 2400 CB Radio

  • Operable on 240 channels divided into six groups of 40 channels.
  • 2-way RF gain switch.
  • Full noise reduction features - ANL and noise blanker.
  • 5 modes of operation - CW, LSB, USB, AM or FM selectable with a rotary switch.
  • Provision of PA.
  • Concentrically mounted fine and coarse controls to fine tune to any transmissions or operate in interchannel frequencies.
  • Tone switch to select receive tonal quality in 2-way.
  • RF power output switchable in 2-way for required communication range.
  • TX lamp that indicates you are on-the-air.
  • External speaker jack for an extra sound source.
  • Electrically floating chassis for negative or positive ground operation without switching.
  • A high-sensitivity dynamic microphone equipped.

Super Star 2400 CB Radio


Frequency composition, PLL synthesizer
Frequency range A-26.065 to 26.505 MHz
B-26.515 to 26.955 MHz
C-26.965 to 27.405 MHz
D-27.415 to 27.855 MHz
E-27.865 to 28.305 MHz
F-28.315 to 28.755 MHz
Channels. Total 3600:240 x 5 MODE
240(+5 kHz) x 5 MODE
240(-5 kHz) x 5 MODE
Frequency space 10 to 20 kHz
Power Source 13.8 VDC ±10%
Sensitivity AM-1micro-V @ 10dB S/N
FM-1micro-V @ 20dB S/N
SSB/CW -0.5 micro-V @ 10dB
Selectivity 60dB
Audio Output 2 W @ 8 Ohms.
Fine Tune range ± 800 Hz
Coarse Tune range ± 5 kHz
intermediate AM/FM: 10.695 MHz / 455 kHz
Frequency SSB/CW: 10.695 MHz
RF power output High Low
AM 10W 1W
FM 10W 2W
SSB generation Double-balance modular with
crystal lattice filter
Coarse Tue range ± 5 kHz

Super Star 2400 CB Radio

Super Star 2400 CB Radio

Owner's Manual


PLL02A, AN6040, MC145109, MM48141, MN6040, SM5109 and TC9100

PLL frequency synthesizer

PLL02A CB Radio


This PLL-circuit use a 9 bit BCD binary programmable divide-by-N counter.

Down-converting of the frequency to the divider

PLL02A CB Radio This PLL circuit use a mixer and a XTAL oscillator to convert the output frequency f OUT to the f IN to the PLL Circuit.
The XTAL frequency is f XTAL = f OUT - f IN

The output frequency can be changed by changing the mixing-XTAL or add a new mixing-XTAL to the oscillator. PLL02A CB Radio
Pin Name Description
1 VDD Positive power supply
2 F in VCO oscillator input
3 RI Reference oscillator input (10.240MHz)
4 FS High=10kHz - Low=5kHz (Frequency step)
5 PD VCO voltage out
6 LD Loop Detected - High=Locked, Low=Unlocked
7 P8 Programmable input (Binary)
8 P7 Programmable input (Binary)
9 P6 Programmable input (Binary)
10 P5 Programmable input (Binary)
11 P6 Programmable input (Binary)
12 P3 Programmable input (Binary)
13 P2 Programmable input (Binary)
14 P1 Programmable input (Binary)
15 P0 Programmable input (Binary)
16 Vss


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