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RCI-69FFB4 CB-10 meters 400W PEP | Radioaficion Ham Radio

RCI-69FFB4 CB-10 meters 400W PEP



AM/FM/SSB/CW Amateur Transceiver with Built-in Frequency Counter 400W PEP

RCI-69FFB4 10M Radio 10 meters CB Radio



RCI-69FFB4 10M Radio 10 meters CB Radio

RCI-69FFB4 10M Radio 10 meters CB Radio


Controls and Indicators

RCI-69FFB4 10M Radio 10 meters CB Radio

1. SQUELCH CONTROL: This control is used to control or eliminate receiver background noise in the absence of an incoming signal. For maximum receiver sensitivity, it is necessary that the control be adjusted only to the point where the receiver background noise is eliminated. Turn fully counterclockwise and then slowly clockwise until the receiver noise just disappears. Any signal to be received must now be slightly stronger than the average received noise. Further clockwise rotation will increase the threshold level that a signal must overcome in order to be heard. Only strong signals will be heard at a maximum clockwise squelch setting.

2. ON/OFF VOLUME CONTROL: Turn clockwise to apply power to the radio and to set the desired listening level.

3. RF GAIN CONTROL: This control is used to reduce the gain of the RF amplifier under strong signal conditions.

4. MIC GAIN CONTROL: Adjust the microphone gain in the transmit mode. This control is used to set the audio level of the microphone for maximum performance and clarity.

5. RF POWER CONTROL: This control enables adjustment of RF power output continuously up to the rated output power.

6. TALKBACK/OFF CONTROL: Adjust this knob tor desired volume of Talkback. This is used to monitor your own voice. Or example, you could use this feature to compare different microphones.

7. Fr. POOL: The Frequency Pool allows the user to select the desired segments of frequencies.

8. MODE SWITCH: This switch allows you to select one of following operating modes: CW/FM/AM/LSB/USB.

9. COARSE/FINE CONTROL: Allows variation of the receiver operating frequency above and below the assigned frequency. Although this control is intended primarily to tune in SSB signal, it may be used to optimize AM/FM signals as described in the operating procedure paragraphs. {Coarse and Fine operates both TX/RX).

10. FREQUENCY SELECTOR: This control is used to select a desired transmit and receive frequency.

11. FRONT PANEL METER: The front panel meter allows the user to monitor signal strength and RF power out level.

12. TX/RX LED: The red LED indicates the radio is in the transmit mode. The blue indicates the radio is in the receive mode.

13. FREQUENCY COUNTER: This frequency counter indicates the transmit frequency digitally.

14. ECHO SWITCH: This control is used for echo effect.

15. HI/LOW TONE SWITCH: This switch changes tone quality in receive only. In LO position, bass is increased and in HI position, treble is increased.

16. S-RF/SWR SWITCH: In the S-RF position, the meter swings proportionally to the strength of the received signal. When transmitting, the meter indicates relative RF output power. When in the SWR position, the Standing Wave Ratio (SWR) of your antenna. There are no adjustment because the SWR circuit in this radio calibrates itself automatically.

17. NB/ANL SWITCH: In the NB/ANL position, the RF Noise Blanker and the automatic Noise Limiter in the audio circuits are also activated. The Noise Blanker is very effective in eliminating repetitive impulse noise such as ignition interference.

18. ROGER BEEP SWITCH: When this switch is placed in the ROGER BEEP position, the radio automatically transmits an audio tone at the end of your transmission. This indicates the end of your transmission so that people who are having trouble hearing you will know that you are done speaking. As a courtesy to others, use the Roger Beep only when necessary.

19. +10KHz SWITCH: In the -MOKHz position, the transmit and receive frequency is shifted 10KHz up.

20. CHANNEL DISPLAY: The channel display indicates the current selected channel.

RCI-69FFB4 10M Radio 10 meters CB Radio

Rear Panel

RCI-69FFB4 10M Radio 10 meters CB Radio

1. ANTENNA: This jack accepts a 50 ohms coaxial cable with a PL-259 style plug.

2. POWER: This accepts 13.8 VDC power cable with built-in fuse. The power cord provided with the radio has a black and red wire. The black goes to negative and the red goes to positive.

3. CW KEY: The CW key is used for Morse Code operation. To operate this mode, connect a CW key to this jack, and place the MODE switch in the CW position.

4. EXTERNAL SPEAKER: This jack accepts a 4 - 8 ohm, 5watt external speaker. When the external speaker is connected to this jack, the built-in speaker will be disabled.

RCI-69FFB4 10M Radio 10 meters CB Radio


The receiver and transmitter are controlled by the push-to-talk switch on the microphone. Press the switch and the transmitter is activated, release switch to receive. When transmitting hold the microphone two inches from the mouth and speak clearly in a normal "voice". The transceiver comes complete with low-impedance dynamic microphone.

For best results, the user should select a low-impedance dynamic type microphone or a transistorized microphone.

The microphone should provide the functions shown in schematic below.


RCI-69FFC4 wire mic cableRCI-69FFC4 wire mic cable

Transceiver Microphone Schematic Diagram

MANUAL Download

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