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Stoner Pro-40 SSB CB Radio | Radioaficion Ham Radio

Stoner Pro-40 SSB CB Radio


Stoner Pro-40 CB RadioThe World's Most Professional CB-Sideband.

The Stoner Pro-40

Designed For 1980

Stoner Pro-40 CB Radio

By 1980 "skip" propagation from all over the world will become a daily event With millions of CBs clogging the airways, communications beyond a few miles will be impossible with AM equipment. Sideband signals will predominate, but it will require an extraordinary radio to "get through" the mass of interference. The PRO-40 is such a product and was designed to dominate the channel, even in the presence of "skip" interference. The equipment incorporates years of advanced ham radio technology. It is tailored to the needs of the professional CB operator and to provide maximum operating pleasure. The PRO-40 is totally unlike any other CB sideband with features not found in any other product. It will set the standards in sideband communications for years to come.

Stoner Pro-40 CB RadioImmune To Overload

In the next few years more than 20 million CBs will be in use. Virtually everyone will have a CB neighbor. Nearby stations can overload an ordinary CB receiver and cause "bleed-over." Not so with the STONER PRO-40. It employs a hot carrier diode "front end" which can handle signals 10 to 100 times stronger than the best tube or transistorized receiver. To insure that signals on other channels can never overload the PRO-40, a monolithic crystal filter is incorporated before any amplification of the incoming signal takes place. Following the filter, a field effect transistor (FET) cascode i.f. amplifier stage is used for the ultimate in low-noise reception.

Pro-40 Professional Specifications

Stoner Pro-40 CB Radio

Microprocessor Channel Selection

No miniature, crowded channel selector switches are used on the new STONER PRO-40. Computer techniques and digital frequency synthesis are combined in the custom-made NITRON integrated circuit "chip" to produce a revolutionary new channel selection scheme. Phase locked loop (PLL) channel selection is controlled by a microprocessor, which you program. If you wish to move to a higher channel, a "slow-up" is entered by means of the appropriate pushbutton switch. The microprocessor then advances and pauses one second, If the switch remains depressed, the microprocessor computes that you wish to proceed to a higher channel. It then scans up through its memory bank at a rate of four channels per second, If you prefer to go from 16 quickly to Channel 40, a "fast-up" data input takes you there at a scan rate of 16 channels per second, The computer essentially provides a bi-directional, two speed electronic dial but without "backlash" or mechanical parts to wear out.

Digital Frequency Display

The most striking feature of the PRO-40 is, of course, the digital frequency display. The jumbo size light emitting diode {LED) digits can be read 20 feet away, even in a brightly lit room. The continous-reading six-digit display unerringly indicates your exact operating frequency on both receive and transmit. There can be no question of where "center slot" is located when you operate the PRO-40. Not only is the frequency displayed, but also the associated channel number. We've even provided an electronic indication of what sideband is in use!

AM Provision

The design of the PRO-40 has not been compromised by the inclusion of an amplitude modulation capability. However, we've made provision to incorporate your existing AM transceiver into the PRO-40 system. When you depress the AM switch, the power and antenna lines are applied to your AM unit The AM transmission passes through the PRO-40 television interference filter and also activates the frequency display.

Stoner Pro-40 CB Radio


Stoner Pro-40 Manual and Schematic

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