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*DXtreme Team Challenge News* New team…The Triads | Radioaficion Ham Radio

*DXtreme Team Challenge News* New team…The Triads

tri·ad/ˈtrīˌad/ [Definitions: 1. China’s notorious organized crime groups who operate large-scale criminal enterprises 2. A set of three similar things considered as
a unit 3. World's hottest 11m DX Team].

The first team for DA-RC’s inaugural 2012 DXtreme Team Challenge has been exposed after the formation of the ‘Triads’.

Consisting of three covert operatives from three different dx groups and three different continents, the Triads are:

  • 2AT058 Brian (Alfa Tango) (NA)
  • 14IR017 Regis (International Radio) (EU); and
  • 43DA001 Darren (Dx Adventure Radio Club) (OC).

While other triads engage in an assortment of crimes ranging from extortion and money laundering to drug trafficking and prostitution, this triad’s choice of ruthless dealings will be laundering hardcore DX; infiltrating the band with weapons of mass destruction in the form of high-powered transceivers and big gun antennas with the objective of executing as many of the world’s DXCC as possible in one weekend.

According to Triad Leader 14IR017 Regis, the name “Triad”, which was coined by fellow Triad 2AT058 Brian using the letters of his team member’s clubs, also represents “the harmony between heaven, Earth and man”.

This powerful association of the elements is sure to hold the team in great stead for the first ever DXtreme Team Challenge in early December 2012.

For more info on the Challenge and how YOU can nominate YOUR team of DXers to participate in the DA-RC or non-DA-RC category, please click on one of the contest links in the right hand side menu.

Note that you can also place an advert looking for team members on the official DA-RC Forum at: .

Good luck to all teams!

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