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Yaesu SERIAL NUMBERS | Radioaficion Ham Radio


Vertex-Standard-Yaesu uses the same serial number scheme for all of their ham gear.

The serial number has the form YMLLNNN where :-

Y is the last digit of the year of manufacture,
M is a letter representing the month of manufacture with "C" = January, "D" = February, and so on through to "N" = December.
LL is the Lot number (00 - 99).
NNNN is the Unit Number (0001-9999) within the Lot

As an example, 0N070145 means December 2000, lot 7, unit 145. The lot number is not linked
to the year & month, i.e., LL does not reset to 00 each year.
Service bulletins refer to lot numbers.

Other Examples: 
Serial number 3M24xxxx means

Manufactured: Nov 2003
Lot: 24
Unit: xxxx

Serial number 4G36xxxx means

Manufactured: May 2004
Lot: 36
Unit: xxxx
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