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FT-847 Power Switch | Radioaficion Ham Radio

FT-847 Power Switch


Yaesu FT-847 Power Switch

Now on to better things-My FT-847 is a very early one SN 8C0200317. I sent it back to the factory for them to upgrade the CPU to work with CT contesting software. They did that free under warranty and any other updates that were pertinent at that time frame. So basically I've been very happy with the unit.

I have installed the TX & RX Collins SSB filters and the CW Narrow Collins. I've also converted the Icom EX-1514 External Vox to compliment the unit. Now to the best !!

I've read about and have always worried about the power switch! Though my power switch has showed no problem as of yet(maybe because of the lack of use) I ran across a idea that I couldn't resist and it has turned out terrific. My power switch now only conducts 30ma of amperage-Interested!!-I was!!!

While at Radio Shack I noticed a small 12VDC relay @ 10 AMPS Contacts that looked small enough to mount behind the front panel!! Still interested? I was!

So for $3.99 I took a chance that my memory was still active. The following photos shows how perfect this relay fits. It's as though it was made in heaven! The wiring is pretty much straight forward so you shouldn't have any problem with it, especially with the photos. Basically, the original green and white wires to the circuit board plug(on the front panel) were cut and re-routed to the relay switched contacts. Then I tapped 12VDC at the rear power connector BEFORE the relay switched + 12vdc(activated by the front panel power switch) and spliced that to one the front panel plug leads that was cut(Orange wire).Then the other lead of this front panel plug was connected to one of the NEW relays coil contacts(Red wire/White tracer).The other lead to the NEW relay's coil was connected to ground(Black wire). As shown in the photos, the relay was mounted with double sided tape next to to cooling(unbelievable perfect fit!) fan and high enough to clear the phone plug circuit board when the front panel is tilted back into place. Now the power switch only conducts the voltage and current to activated the NEW relays coil! Oh, life is GOOD!

Use this information any way you please so other users can quit dreading the Power Switch gremlin from visiting their shack's.

Cheers and Beers-

The Radio Shack Number for the relay is RS-275-0248A

Yaesu FT-847 Power SwitchYaesu FT-847 Power SwitchYaesu FT-847 Power SwitchYaesu FT-847 Power SwitchYaesu FT-847 Power SwitchYaesu FT-847 Power SwitchYaesu FT-847 Power Switch

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