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FTM-350 Alignment Mode | Radioaficion Ham Radio

FTM-350 Alignment Mode


Yaesu FTM-350 Alignment Mode - Service Menu

Alignment Preparation & Precautions

A 50-Ohm RF load and in-line wattmeter must be connected to the antenna jack in all procedures that call for transmission; alignment is not possible with an antenna. After completing one step, read the next step to see if the same test equipment is required. If not, remove the test equipment (except dummy load and wattmeter, if connected) before proceeding.

Correct alignment requires that the ambient temperature be the same as that of the transceiver and test equipment, and that this temperature be held constant between 68 °F ~ 86 °F (20 °C ~ 30 °C). When the transceiver is brought into the shop from hot or cold air, it should be allowed some time to come to room temperature before alignment. Whenever possible, alignments should be made with oscillator shields and circuit boards firmly affixed in place. Also, the test equipment must be thoroughly warmed up before beginning.

Test Setup

Set up the test equipment as shown below for transceiver alignment. Maintain the supply voltage at 13.8V DC for all steps.

Yaesu FTM-350 Alignment Mode - Service Menu

Entering the Alignment Mode

Alignment of the FTM-350AR/E is performed using a front panel software-based procedure. To perform alignment of the transceiver, it must first be placed in the "Alignment Mode," in which the adjustments will be made and then stored into memory.

To enter the Alignment mode:

1. Turn the radio on while pressing and holding the two keys which are located on both sides of the [POWER] switch.

Yaesu FTM-350 Alignment Mode - Service Menu

2. Press the keys on the front panel in the following sequence.

Yaesu FTM-350 Alignment Mode - Service Menu

3. The transceiver is now in the "Alignment Mode."

More Info...

Yaesu FTM-350 Alignment Mode.pdf

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