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TS-50 CAT control


kenwood TS-50 CAT control

From: 9A2NX - 23-01-1999

I wish to offer an cheap solution for solid work with CAT control with your transceiver Kenwood TS-50S and PC. After long examinations and testing.
I found out following solutions as most acceptable:

  1. Interface IF-10D (227DM) and serial interface RS-232C (283DM) with program.
  2. Interface IF-10D,line DIN6P connector and DB9 for PC (COM1), 2 germanium diodes, 2 condesators 10nF, which acts as RS-232C !
  3. Small home made interface, in SMD technology, on the PCB 2x3 cm,integrate with TS-50S on the lower side of its PCB. The connecting line with PC can be home made. This can be done by specialists which can achieve an cheap solution.

The most convenient solution is mentioned under 2. Software is selected between 40 different solutions.The best one that made by N3EQF, RIG-EQF ver. 1.02. He is well known author for LOG-EQF software. This software is produced for TS-940S ?, but it works OK with TS-50S. The program runs after command RIG-EQF 1, for COM1 and RIG-EQF 2, for COM2. I tested program on laptop T2200SX25 and on PC 80386DX40.
The program is easy to use, with simple commands. The program can be activated only if all his hardwware is on, interface, PC and TS-50S. When the program is active the working frquecy is displayed,very precisely registering each change, then RIT control, modulation, VFO A and B, SPLIT etc.

Option O has possibility to input 22 different QRGs, modulations, descriptions and call sigs. Then you can choose any of them with coursor.

With key P is possible to obtain scanning of frequency in the wished range,then step raster and speed.

The second program , witch works the same things, but in litlle bit reduced range, is KEN-AE6G, dated 1990. it has VFO A and B control, and M memmory control. It is intended for use with TS-440 and TS-940s!

I include the plan of connection for IF-10D to DB9 pin PC port. The software can be downloaded from BBS and programs are very well sorted on FBBS of IV3LAV-8 via IR3GO (gonode). Using yapp protocol all can be quickly dowwnloaded from subfolder RTX. Names are RIG-EQF.ZIP 71.005 bytes, and TS50.ZIP - 6.847 byta. Detail description, schemas and know-how will be published in "Radio HRS",edition of 9A union.

On my TS-50S I tried the work with 2 computers: laptop worked with CAT-control, while PC 386 worked with SSTV (Hi )! The work was stable.

I wish to all CAT enthusiasts a lot of pleasure.

Vy 73 de IKO-9a2nx !
Connection "home made" cable to IF-10D to PC:

  IF-10D                                                    PC-DB9
_________ _____________
1. o GND------------------------------------------------o 5.(GND)
2. o TXD------------------------------------------------o 2.(RXD)
3. o RXD---------------------------I>I------------------o 3.(TXD)
|--I I--|
4. o CTS-----------------------------------I>I----------o 7.(RTS)
|---I I---|
5. o RTS------------------------------------------------o 8.(CTS)
6. N.C.
-I>I- germanium dioda -in ser!
--I I---paralel diods kond 10nF
de Iko-73!

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