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TH-G71A Quick Start and FAQ | Radioaficion Ham Radio

TH-G71A Quick Start and FAQ


TH-G71A Quick Start

1. Entering Frequency

  • a)       Press band
  • b)      Press VFO
  • c)       Select frequency by using the dial knob or entering the frequency on the keyboard
  • d)      Select shift by pressing F then press SHIFT(REV) until desired shift appears.

2. Select Tone

  • a)       Press F then press TONE (LOW) T should appear on display
  • b)      Press F then tone SEL (9)
  • c)       Using the dial knob select tone frequency
  • d)      Press VFO

3. Memory Entry

  • a)       Press F
  • b)      Select memory number using dial knob
  • c)       Press M.IN (MR) to store

4. Recall Memory

  • a)       Press MR
  • b)      Select Memory number using the dial knob


Q.                 What is the frequency range of the receiver?

A.                  118-174, 320-470, 800-824, 849-869, 894-950

Q.                 Can the TH-G71A be PC programmed?

A.                  Yes, the TH-G71A can be programmed using the PG-4P cablePG-4P (programming cable) is no longer available but PG-4Y can be used instead. .


The software uploading/downloading channel information.  It is free on our web page at

Q.                 My speaker microphone does not work on the TH-G71A?

A.                  Make sure that menu 15 (TC) transceiver control is turned off.

Q.                 When using the MCP-G71 software I get a time out error?

A.         Make sure that the PG-4P cable is connected to COM 1 or COM 2.  If your computer uses a DB-9 for COM 1 OR COM 2, you will need to use an adapter from the PG-4P to your COM Port.  Use the Radio Shack adapter #26-269.  Menu 15 must be turned on before uploading downloading information from the radio.

Q.        How do you reset partial/reset?

A.         Partial reset with radio off hold VFO key.  Turn radio on, display will show VFRST?  Push VFO again for full reset.  With the radio off hold F key turn radio on display will show ALRST, push F again

Q.        Is the TH-G71A capable of Mars/Cap?

A.         Yes, but the information will only be furnished with a copy of your Mars/Cap license.

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