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MC-44 Modifications | Radioaficion Ham Radio

MC-44 Modifications


Modifications for the Kenwood MC-44

MC-44DM Microphone audio improvements

Trio-Kenwood Communication, inc.

Service Bulletin no. 958 (12-1-1990)

There are several ways to increase the transmit audio level when using an MC-44DM. If you are using a single band transceiver such as the TM-231A, you can turn up the deviation control inside the transceiver. Do not turn up the deviation controls in dual banders such the TM-731A because the audio will distort during repeater cross band operations.

Inside the microphone, there is a felt pad lightly glued to the microphone element housing. Removing the pad will increase the audio level.

If more level is desired, the microphone element can be changed to a more sensitive element. The element can be ordered though Kenwood's Parts Department.

ECM (microphone element) Part# T91-0393-08


MC44/MC44DM Intermittent modulation

Kenwood Communication, inc.

Service Bulletin no. 1022 (18 May 1993)

Microphone audio is mechanically intermittent, i.e. striking the microphone will cause audio to be lost or restored.

The lead wire of capacitor C8 might be shorting out against the case of the ECM unit.

Correct action:
Re-install the capacitor so that the leads cannot touch the ECM case.


Modifications for the Kenwood MC-44 Make sure the leads of C8 100 pF capacitor do not touch the ECM case.


Time required for this modification is 15 minutes or less.

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