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IC-2KL 10/12m Mod Installation | Radioaficion Ham Radio

IC-2KL 10/12m Mod Installation



1. Remove top cover. See picture below for screw locations. (8 screws)

2. Remove screw from back panel. See picture below.

3. Remove three screws from the bottom. These screws attach the Filter unit to the bottom chassis. Locate filter unit from picture below.

4. Disconnect the RF connectors J2, J5, J6, and J7 on the main unit. Also disconnect J2 and J3 on the filter unit. See picture below for locations.

5. Remove eight screws, which holds the main board to the Filter unit. These screws will enable the removal of the cover for the filter unit. See picture below for screw locations.

6. Completely remove the filter unit from the chassis and main unit. Be careful not to tear any cables. After the filter unit has been removed. Remove three screws holding the back cover plate. See picture below.

7. Verify parts location for the filter board. Below is the parts layout, before the modification has begun Notice the open areas on the front end of the filter unit. This area is where the majority of the modification will take place.

8. Remove the following components from the component side of the filter unit. C58, C57, and L31. Also remove the two jumpers from the foil side of the filter unit.

NOTE: Only insulated wire jumpers should be on the foil side of the filter unit.

9. Verify areas where components previously occupied are clear of any solder. The component side of your filter unit should be cleared as shown below.

10. Now is the time to insert the components for 10 meters. Start with the small wire jumpers. These jumpers are on the component side of the filter unit.

NOTE: If your kit does not contain the small wire jumpers, use the excess from a capacitor or diode.

11. Let's insert the capacitors.

12. Now lets insert the diode and coils. On the diode, the cathode has a whitestripe. Place the end without the stripe into the silk screened "O".

13. Next we will insert the two relays and long wire jumpers. You will need to connect the long wire jumpers as labeled. A to A and B to B. The location for wire jumper B is shown on the next page.

Note: Verify orientation of Relay.

14. Look at the foil side of the Filter unit. You will notice the heavy insulated wire jumpers. You will now insert the jumpers to enable the 10 meter section of the filter unit. One of these jumpers may already be installed.

NOTE: Verifythe connections made on the other jumpers. There should only be ' Two connections soldered to the filter unit for each jumper.

15. Verify all solder connections are clean and that there are no shorted components. Also, double check all components are install in the proper locations.

16. If you are satisfied with this portion of the modification, re-install the filter unit's cover plate. Refer to page two for screw locations.

17. Manuver the filter unit behind the main unit and re-assemble this module. Remember this module has eight screws. Refer to page two for screw locations.

18. Place module into the chassis of the IC-2KL. Also, tighten this module to the bottom of the IC-2KL Chassis.

19. Reset the RF jumper connections on the main and filter units.

20. Fold down the control panel to acces the circuit board. On the circuit board labeled B-447A, you will need to cut a trace. This trace is connected to a purple wire, and the location on where to cut this trace is listed below.

21. This completes the 10 Meter Modification.

22. Reverse steps 1 through 5 to re-assemble the IC-2KL.

DOWNLOAD  IC-2KL 10/12m Mod Installation (zip)

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