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IC-R7000 Receiver most common service | Radioaficion Ham Radio

IC-R7000 Receiver most common service


Most Common Service Questions for the Icom IC-R7000 and IC-R7100

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Symptom: Radio is off frequency.
Probable Cause: 2nd L.O. needs alignment.
Cure: Align L39 on PLL unit: Set displayed frequency to 511.9999 MHz and adjust L39 for 768.0000 MHz at J6 on PLL unit.
Remarks: This is a common problem in the IC-7000. We recommend that the 2nd L.O. frequency be checked on all IC-7000s that come in for repair.

Symptom: No digital display when the radio warms up.
Probable Causes: 1) Faulty DC-DC converter on display unit. 2) Bad solder at flex cable between display unit and DS1 display.
Cure: Replace dried-out electrolytic capacitors in display unit. Resolder cracked joints at display flex cable.

Symptom: Low RX on all bands.
Probable Cause: Incorrect voltages from DC-DC unit.
Cure: Check for correct output voltages at J2 of the DC-DC board. Replace C1 and C2 (both 33uF, 16v) on the DC-DC unit if voltages are incorrect.

Symptom: Distorted audio in FM mode, especially as unit warms-up.
Probable Cause: Bad capacitor on IF unit. Unit needs update.
Cure: Replace electrolytic capacitor C135 on IF unit and update IF unit: Install a 100k resistor between the negative side of C135 and ground.


Symptom: No receive at all.
Probable Cause: PLL unlock.
Cure: Replace faulty C69 x2 on PLL unit.

Symptom: No receive at all on same bands after warm-up.
Probable Cause: PLL unlock.
Cure: Bad solder and/or bad Q1 or Q3 in VCO unit.
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