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Cobra 25 High Power Mod 40 Watt | Radioaficion Ham Radio

Cobra 25 High Power Mod 40 Watt


40 Watt, High Power Mod. for Cobra 25, Uniden 66, and Uniden 68 Radios

revised 10-26-2005

40 Watt, High Power Mod. for Cobra 25

Parts List for Mod.:

  • lpc EKL Components' EN-1230
  • lpc EKL Components' ERF-2030
  • *1pc 68pF Ceramic Capacitor
  • *Mica or Ceramic Insulator
  • *Heatsink Compound

*These parts may not be needed. See instructions.

1) Remove R38, R40, C45

40 Watt, High Power Mod. for Cobra 25

2) Install EKL Components' EN-1230 at R40. The EN-1230 is a POLARIZED part. Make sure that it is installed correctly with the positive lead toward L12.

cobra 25 cb radio ERF-2030 Install

3) Add 68pF capacitor across C42. Install on solder side of PCB. Leave C42 alone.

NOTE: Adding the 68pF capacitor improves performance results on MOST units. There are some older model Cobras that it may not be necessary to add the 68pF capacitor. Test with and without to determine best results.

ERF-2030 Install cobra 25

4) Remove tuning slug from LIO and discard.

NOTE: One old model of Cobra 25 utilized a smaller tuning coil at L10. On these units, you must leave the tuning slug in it for maximum results.

ERF-2030 Install cobra 25

5) Remove TR7 (the 2SC2078), and install EKL Components' ERF-2030 in its place with stock insulator, washer, and screw.

ERF-2030 Install cobra 25NOTE: The ERF-2030 has the same pin-out as the 2SC2078, so the parts install the exact same way. The use of a good insulator is CRITICAL for the ERF-2030. If the stock insulator is cracked or damaged, then use a new mica or ceramic insulator. Make sure to use heatsink compound to help with additional heat dissapation.

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