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Emperor TS-5010 RIT Modification Instructions | Radioaficion Ham Radio

Emperor TS-5010 RIT Modification Instructions


CB Radio Emperor TS-5010 RIT Modification Instructions

CB Radio Emperor TS-5010 RIT Modification Instructions

1. ) Remove boih bottom and top cover screws, and remove only the top cover for now. You should now be looking at the main circuit board with the component side up.

2. ) Next find D140, located in the front right hand comer of the main circuit board and carefully cut one end with a small pair of sidecuts.

3. ) Next obtain a 7.5V 1/2 watt zener and a 10 Ohm % watt resistor. Solder one end of the resistor to the point on the main circuit board as shown (constant 8V), and leave the other end loose for now. Now solder the unbanded end (anode) of the 7,5V Zener to the brass shield that is attached to the 10JD2 filter . Solder the banded end of the zener to the loose end of the lOohm resistor. Be sure to leave only enough lead length on the resistor and zener as necessary and that they do not touch any other components.

4. ) Next, turn the unit over and lift the bottom cover just enough to slide the cover aside. Be careful not to pull the speaker wires loose. Now locate the rectangular circuit board direcdy behind the RIT control as shown in the diagram to the left. This board is labeled 2001-4202.

5. ) Once located, make the cut as shown using an x-acto knife. Be sure that the circuit board has been totally separated at this point before continuing.

6. ) Next solder a new 8" piece of hook-up wire from the point on the 2001-4202 board as shown. Now feed this wire through to the main circuit board. Turn the unit over and solder the other end of this wire to the junction of the 10 ohm resistor and 7.5V zener added in step 3.

8. ) Next turn the unit over so that you are looking at the PLL/CPU board as shown above. Hook the radio up lo power, and turn the unit on. Set the R1T control al dead center (12:00 o'clock position). Now set the unit to Band "a" and to 28.000 MHz.

9. ) Place your frequency counter probe at JS02 (gray cable center conductor) and check for 38.695 ±100Hz.. If this frequency is off adjust LS01 until the desired frequency is observed.

10. ) Reassemble radio. Your unit should now slide about 4KHz down and about 2KHz up with the RIT control on receive and transmit.

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