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RCI-2950 CLARIFIER MOD | Radioaficion Ham Radio




There is a mod that you did not include that I personally could not do without. The mod is to unlock the clarifier. There is also another mod to prevent distortion from front end overload from very strong signals.

Here is how you do those mods:

When you modify the clarifier it will not track on the display (it will give you about 1.5 Khz shift either way) but you will find it useful in CB mode because the frequency cannot be adjusted. It is also usful when using the rig mobile. You don't have to keep pushing the SHIFT key.

First, locate the wire harness that runs from the clarifier pot to the circuit board. Just in front of where it plugs into the board you will see R-197 (this resistor usually has wax on it). Clip the top of the resistor. Now get a 6" peice of wire and solder it to the stub of wire sticking out of the board (not to the top of the resistor itself). Connect the other end of the wire to pin 3 of IC6, pin 3 is the leg closest to the front of the radio. IC6 is is the 7808A regulator on the mike plug side of the unit case twards the front of the radio. Next locate D-59, just to the left of the clarifier harness. It is a 1N4148 diode. Cut the wire part of this diode to disable it. If realignment is necessary use L27 for AM, L28 for LSB and L29 for USB.

That's it.

If you have any problems with close stations being garbled sounding, its because of front-end overload. To reduce it find R-49 in the middle of the board (100K resistor) Change it to a 33K resistor and it should help. I hope this might be helpful to you.


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