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RCI-2950 THE BACK LITE DISPLAY | Radioaficion Ham Radio




In this mod. You will remove the filament bulbs and replace them with a low voltage light emitting diode .

Advantages of this mod. Are full controlthrough all four setting of your dim control.

This makes the voltage reg. Run cooler for that part of the radio. You can customize the colour of the back light instead of buy those other Slip covers for the filament bulbs .

This mod will also make the light emitting diodes that are under the touch Controls brighter ,as they run of the same supply.

The mod

Remove the front part of the radio and the board that has the display too so you can get right at those bulbs.

If you look at the board you will notice a + and - .

This is were the supply is coming from for the old bulbs . Remove the old bulbs . Now get some small wire and make it so you have a + and - at each side of that board .either that you will have to cut traces. What you are trying to do is make the bulbs independent of each other. Anyways back to the mod , so now you have a + and - wire for each new kind of bulb.

Now you will have to select a light emitting diode that runs on less power than the supply on that board puts out. Once you have done this you will have to select a resistor i picked a 10 k at one quarter of a watt .that seemed to match the diodes i used. This will differ each kind of light emitting diode selected .

Dont try to install the lite diodes in the same place as the filament bulbs this will defeat the purpose. When you install the diodes you only need one resistor for each side light emitting diodes are polarized they have a negative and positive hook them up backwards and they do not light up So when you are all done you should have full control on the dim.

If one lite diode blows the other stays going ,this willnot happen because of the resistor that is in line on each lite . The power reg for this supply should run cool no heat better performance i did my personal set one year ago in green lite and it still looks and runs fine .

Pretty simple mod i know it is alot cheaper than buyiny those little filament Bulbs .i for gotten to tell you light emitting diodes last longer than the Other.


First :

I had a problem with my RCI2950, once in a while the contrast dropped to almost zero. I tried to find the problem and after a while I had the idea that the contrast reference control on the display driver chip was sensitive and instable.

Due to this I came to the decision to put a little more load on the reference input of the display driver.

This was done by soldering a 1 mega ohm resistor to the middle contact of the contrast potentiometer and the display board ground.

In order to make this modification you need too do the following proceeder.

Remove the top and bottom cover from your RCI 2950. Carefully remove all the knobs from the front panel, loosen the four counter sunk phillips screws holding the face plate.

Remove face plate.

Loosen the two lowest two phillips screws. (these screws holding the push button circuit board)Remove the push button board extremely carefully by pulling this board in a parallel way toward you.Make sure you pull this board parallel, there are extremely long contacts.

The contrast adjustment trimpot is in the centre of the display board and will be visual if the push button board has being removed.

The trim pot is a SMD (surface mounted) component and resistor should be soldered carefully.


This modification solved my problem for the time being.

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