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Magnum MAVERICK A24 Mods | Radioaficion Ham Radio

Magnum MAVERICK A24 Mods


Magnum Maverick A24 CB Radio Mods

Frequency Conversion:

Magnum Maverick A24 CB Radio Mods

Export Frequency Conversion

Remove the 4 resistors and jumper wire from the bottom of the main PCB. The resistors and jumper wire are inside protective sheathing.
2. After modification BAND "D" is the regular 40 channel CB band.

Magnum Maverick A24 CB Radio Mods

Technical Bulletin
Echo Circuit Clock Noise

This modification will eliminate any clock noise, or transmit oscillation, that may occur while using the echo circuit in the Maverick A24 transceiver.

  1. Disconnect the transceiver from the power source.

  2. Remove speaker side cabinet.

  3. Unscrew the echo board from the side chassis of the transceiver.

  4. Locate Q602 on the echo board -Q601 is an empty location on the echo board, there is no component.

  5. Install a 47,000pf Monolithic Ceramic capacitor at Q602, as illustrated below.

Magnum Maverick A24 CB Radio Mods

In addition to this tech bulletin, Magnum notes that there have been some A24s that have been found with a 1K resistor in the R77 location. This resistor value should be 2.2K. This is located in the receiver IF stage and the 1K causes the receiver to be far too sensitive and noisy. It's a good idea to check for this in all radios, as well as those that exhibit this symptom.

Maverick A24 Internal Trimmer Potentiometers

RV1 - "S" Meter Adjustment
RV3 - SWR Warning Adjustment
RV4 - Coarse Squelch Adjustment
RV5 - FM Deviation Adjustment
RV7 - TR13 Final Bias Adjustment
RV9 - RF Meter Adjustment
RV10 - AM Power Adjustment
RV11 - TR45 Final Bias Adjustment
RV12 - TR46 Driver Bias Adjustment
RV15 - AM Modulation Adjustment

Magnum Maverick A24 CB Radio Mods

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