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MAGNUM S9 Export FREQUENCY CONVERSION | Radioaficion Ham Radio





The Magnum S9 is programmed for the 10 Meter Amateur Band out of the box, and covers a range of 28.065 -28.525 MHz. The frequency range can be extended for Export Use in 8 Band segments each containing 40 Channels. These 8 bands can be programmed to any combination of Eight 40 channel blocks between 25.615 - 30.555 MHz.   The radio can also be programmed to cover all frequencies in 10 KHz or 5 KHz steps between 26.000 - 32.990 MHz.   (See Programming Mode)


10 Meter Only Mode:

The default setting from the factory covers only 4 bands between 28.065 MHz - 28.525 MHz. The jumper setting for this is JP1, JP2, JP3 = OFF and JP4 = ON.

Export Mode:

This mode is pre-set to 8 Bands between 25.615 MHz - 29.205 MHz. The jumper setting for this mode is JP1 = ON      JP2,JP3 = OFF    JP4 = ON.

Programming Mode:

This feature allows the radio to be setup into 8 separate bands, each individually programmed to cover any 40 channel segments you choose between 25.165 - 30.555 MHz. For instance, if you wanted Bands A and B to be setup to cover 25.165 - 26.055 MHz, Band C to be the CB Band 26.965 - 27.405 MHz, then Bands D, E, and F to cover 10 Meters at 28.315 - 29.655 MHz, the “Programming Mode” can be used to set this up.

Disconnect the wires from the power source after programming the unit to insure that the CPU (Computer) will reset properly.   Set the radio’s Band Selector to position A. Using 2 short bare wires, jump the pins of JP2 and JP4 (JP1 & JP3 = OFF) Notice that the Channel Display now indicates a letter A through L instead of the Channel number. Temporarily short the pins of JP1 on the Channel Board using another short wire. Notice that the Channel Display advances to the next Band Letter each time the pins of JP1   are shorted. Continue advancing the letters on the display until you see the desired band for Position A of the Band Selector. Move the Band selector to position B, and again short the jumper pins of   JP1 until you see your choice for Band B. Repeat this for each of the 8 Band positions and when the last is done, move the Jumpers to this order to

Lock them into Memory.    JP1 = ON      JP2, JP3 = OFF    JP4 = ON

This radio is also capable of covering the entire frequency range between 26.000 MHz - 32.990 MHz in 10 KHz steps or in 5 KHz steps (10 KHz Front Panel = OFF)      JP1 = ON      JP2 = OFF      JP3 - ON      JP4 = OFF

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