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Kenwood TR-7730 Dyna-"mite".
Tuesday, 10 April 2012 15:20

Kenwood TR-7730 service manual

Miniaturized, 5 memories, memory/band scan

Kenwood TR-7730

The TR-7730 is an incredibly compact, reasonably priced, 25-watt, 2-meter FM mobile transceiver with five memories, memory scan, automatic band scan, UP/ DOWN manual scan from the microphone, and other convenient operating features.


Smallest ever Kenwood mobile

Measures only 5-3/4 Inches wide 2 inches high, and 7-3/4 Inches deep, and weighs only 3.3 pounds. Mounts even in the smallest subcompac car. and is an ideal combination with the equally compact TR-8400 synthesized 70-cm FM mobile transceiver.

25 watts RF output power

Even though the TR-7730 is so compact it still produces 25 watts output for reliable mobile communications. HI/LOW power switch selects 25-W or 5-W output.

Five memories

May be operated in simplex mode or repeater mode with the transmit frequency offset ±600 kHz. The fifth memory stores both receive and transmit frequency independently, to allow operation on repeaters with nonstandard splits. Memory backup terminal on rear panel.

Memory scan

Automatically locks on busy memory channel and resumes when signal disappears or when SCAN switch is pushed. Scan HOLD or microphone PTT switch cancels scan.

Extended frequency coverage

Covers 143.900-148.995 Mhz in switchable 5-kHz or 10-kHz steps, allowing simplex and repeater operation on some MARS and CAP frequencies.

Automatic band scan

Scans entire band In 5-kHz or 10-kHz steps and locks on busy channel. Scan resumes when signal disappears or when SCAN switch is pushed. Sean HOLD or microphone PTT switch cancels scan.

UP/DOWN manual scan

With UP DOWN microphone provided, manually scans entire band in 5-kHz or 10-kHz steps.

Offset switch

Allows VFO and four of five memory frequencies to be offset ±600 kHz for repeater access tor to be operated simplex) during transmit mode.

Four-digit LED frequency display

Indicates receive and transmit frequency during simplex or repeater-offset operation.

S/RF bar meter and LED indicators

Bar meter of multicolor LEDs shows-relative receive and transmit signal levels Other LEDs Indicate BUSY, ON AIR, and REPEATER offset

Tone switch

Activates internal subaudible tone encoder (not Kenwood-supplied).

Optional accessories:

• MC-46 16-button autopatch (DTMF) UP/DOWN microphone

■ SP-40 compact mobile speaker

• KPS-7 Rxed-station power supply


Manufactured: Japan, 1981 (Discontinued)

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