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Libya frequencies Update | Radioaficion Ham Radio

Libya frequencies Update


Milcom Monitoring Here is a list of frequencies reported and monitored:

4196.0 NATO AWACS activity USB: Callsign Magic ##/NATO ##
6688.0 French Strategic Air Force Net - Commandement Des Forces Aériennes Stratégiques (CFAS) USB: Callsign Capitol
6712.0 French Air Force Commandement De La Force Aérienne De Projection (CFAP) USB: Callsign: Circus Verte
6761.0 USAF Global refuelign Operations USB
6877.0 USAF Psyop transmissions against Libyan Navy + jamming
9031.0 UK RAF TASCOMM USB Ops Messages
10315.0 DHN 66 NATO Geilenkirchen GER E-3 AWACS/Magic to DHN66 Link USB
12311.0 French Air Force Centre De Conduite Des Opérations Aériennes (CCOA) USB: Callsign Veilleur.

Libyan GMMRA HF ALE network still active: 5368.0 6884.0 8200.0 9375.0 10125.0 10404.0. Look for the MOBILE## and HQ1 ALE Addresses.

At some point Andrea B recorded jamming on the 6877.0 kHz transmissions and you can hear that at This is a must hear mp3. You can even hear the transmission form the aircraft telling the Libyan Navy sailors to not leave port, etc.

Nils DK8OK, has also posted an audio file from 6877.0 kHz. "6877 kHz, 20.3.11, 09:00 UTC, in SSB/USB with reduced carrier. Slightly jammed. Calling Libyan seamen to return to port and leave their ships in Arabic, English and French:
„Libyan sailors! Leave your ship immediately! Leave your ... and return to your family or your home. ... forces of violating at United National resolution ... the end of ... in your country. For your own safety: Leave your ship immediately! Do not attempt to jam [?] transmission." Click here for Nils DK8OK audio file.

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