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ZETAGI BV-2001 Schematic Diagram | Radioaficion Ham Radio

ZETAGI BV-2001 Schematic Diagram


Zetagi BV 2001 MK 3 is a well made monoband amplifier with a maximum input of 1200 watt (pep) on ssb. 3 x PL509 are working as amplifier and 1 PL509 as driver-tube. Amplifier tubes are working into one Pi-Filter. This filter can be tunded by Plate and Load capacity.

BV 2001 was designed for a frequency range from 26-30 mhc. It works fine on 10m band with very good output power. You can say whatever you want. Most expensive PA's didn't have more to show than a single PI-Filter like Zetagi BV2001.

Low diving power is well and badly for users. BV 2001 needs about <20W driving power to rise up to maximum output. Modern transceivers rarely have 20W.. mostly more than 50 to 100 watts. This is too much. Even when u use audiocompression
or clipper.

It happens what has to be happened ;-) i burned off the input attenuator. I had to peplace some parts (resistors). The load of attenuator resistors depends on the "power-switch". I killed 2 of the 15 Ohm resistors.

Maybe some of the Pic's and comments are useful for somebody. I took some Pic's during repair of BV 2001. This PA is simply build and designed. No options. It has to amplify a signal and not more. This is great. BV 2001 is a real monoband-

If you want to open the BV 2001 take care of high voltage.

Most Pic's you can click to get a 640x480 resolution.

Many thanks to Zetagi (grazie allo zetagi) I was surprised about the fast and nice support ! On my experience Zetagi send an answer in 24h. I think they do a great job.

I asked Zetagi for publishing the circuit-diagram of MK 3 on this site. If i get an Okay, i will do so.

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