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EA1MV silent key due to health cuts | Radioaficion Ham Radio

EA1MV silent key due to health cuts



EA1MV dies due to cuts in Spanish hospitals

Alcolado Antonio dies, GIST patient Lugo - Spain to his hospital denied for financial reasons, Stivarga. His son Marco directs us these words.

Rest in peace and demand more than ever be denied for financial reasons, to a cancer patient, the drugs they need to stay alive.

Antonio Alcolado letter, patients whose hospital has denied Stivarga LUGO

Dear friends:

Through this blog I want to thank all the friends who have written to me these days, the warmth and closeness that made me feel so sad and so unique situation. I'd never really tried before so great a sense of abandonment, especially when the person leaves you, betrays you and commits the worst injustice is precisely who always thought he must defend until the last moment. It is very hard to grasp the concept that the state that you contribute Ente whose existence throughout your life, at any given time when you need it, you just wish you good luck and "wash their hands" of your problems. The truth is that this has been one of the biggest disappointments I've had the misfortune of living.

I can not understand that a country like Spain, where the young are taught in school the ideals of nobility of spirit, greatness, are taught the most glorious episodes in recent and past history, in a country with these features let people die cynically can still contribute to society a valid contribution, or even no longer contribute anything, have done everything they have been throughout his life. Does anyone in this country to accept that his government has cynicism to put in one pan of the balance the cost of your own life, and the other few thousand euros for the box of medications that you the can save?

Practically you come to say that the state has the means to save your life, but do not because you think too expensive an investment, or put another way, because it no longer profitable result. It was Marx in the nineteenth century who opened the eyes of the workers on the exploitation of his work, once it had become something that was worth selling. The concept was simple: your work is worth the sale price of what you produce, regardless of any other psychological factor absolutely no credit for the worker no value outside the purely monetary. Today we have a case very similar to that described by Marx: your life is worth more or less depending on what you sue us, the more you ask us, unless vouchers, that's why I said no and that was that.

The famous 1015/2009 Decree of 19 June, on the availability of drugs in special situations is regulated not only does not apply, but not even give explanations about why the asking.

Dear friends, I think these are the arguments that desperate, irritate, make people feel like spare change, feel lacking things any spiritual value in the hands of the minister of the day, it is only that some superior yours congratulate you on what has been able to save first drugs, then in retirement, because you know, dead dog rabies is over, or what is the same, dead old pension is over retirement.

I did not realize until a few days before the start of the photographic campaign makes it and participate in it with pleasure, for which I send you with these words, a few pictures of me, so you choose the one that seems most appropriate. The photos were taken a couple of years ago, and I have the age of 77.

I would like to ask you a suggestion, that they will spend all the persons concerned, and is preparing to leave well researched articles to explain in a serious way what the GIST, what action he exerted on different medications, how to cure side effects they have. Scientists suggest that this article be used from Universities or bodies that reliably exist in many parts of the network.

I am currently waiting to know if I can or I can not become part of a clinical trial, and it depends in part my life.

A big hug and thank you for everything.





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