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TM-D710G New release | Radioaficion Ham Radio

TM-D710G New release


New release of 144/430MHz FM dual bander the "TM-D710G" series

From Kenwood brand, JVC KENWOOD Corporation, the built-in GPS unit, (Automatic Packet Reporting System) APRS full-fledged

New release of 144/430MHz FM dual bander the "TM-D710G" series

Name of product

Type name

Suggested retail price (tax included)

Release date

144/430MHz FM dual bander (50W)


93,975 yen

Mid-November 2013

144/430MHz FM dual bander (20W)


88,725 yen

The main features of the "TM-D710G series"

1. Built-in GPS unit

APRS in operation for at mobile station, I've built into the control panel GPS unit. It is possible with this unit alone is APRS full-scale operation. It is equipped with GPS logger function, mark waypoints function, target point function, as well as automatic time correction function, and increases the likelihood of operation using the GPS.

· GPS logger function

You can save to the body built-in memory the location information of the 5000 point up. When to be saved, can be designated from among the three kinds of time interval, travel distance, the beacon transmission point. In addition, memory control program "MCP-6A"  4 Google Earth and GPS log information in the TM can be converted to a kml file format corresponding to the maps service.

※ 4: "MCP-6A" is a free download scheduled to start in Kenwood Web site in mid-November 2013.

- (Can be registered 100) Mark Waypoint / Mark waypoint list

It is possible to register at the touch of a button (latitude, longitude, altitude, time, name, icon) the location information of the current position. You can also edit the information icon and name in the mark waypoint list.

Target point function

I will display in real time the direction and distance to the (Up to preset up to five) target point. For example addition, the display direction can be switched at the touch of a button also to (how to improve progression) heading up the easy-to-understand North up (north).

Grid disk wear locator display function

It is possible to display the grid disk wear locator station position.

Automatic time correction

Built-in clock required for various operational and automatically adjust to use the GPS data.

TM-D710G kenwood


2. The standard data communication system with a "APRS"

Development of a program in cooperation with Bob Bruninga APRS is a developer of (WB4APR) Mr., corresponding to the APRS. Built in body and GPS this program  5 By that, I enabled a simple APRS operation that does not require your PC.Exchange of messages is also possible to share information location, direction / distance, such as weather information.

※ 5: can be used for an external GPS unit.


3. The standard also supports - "Nabitora NAVITRA" data communication system

Packet data Nabitora received because it is handled by the same station list APRS packet data, 100 stations up to hold.The beacon, you can send embedded messages up to 20 characters Katakana, alphanumeric, a symbol in addition to the position information.


4. AX.25-compliant 1200 / 9600bps packet TNC built-in support

The built-in TNC of AX.25-compliant (Terminal Node Controller), it is possible to operate APRS full-scale, of Nabitora body only. Also can be connected directly to a PC, packet communication 1200/9600bps, operation, etc. of IGate station is possible.


5. In EchoLink Sysop mode function, and operate a node stations

You can easily set up EchoLink node stations can be connected to this unit, and PC with the EchoLink software  6 .Simultaneous operation of the node stations and EchoLink digital Peter and IGate station also possible  7 is.

※ 6: PC cable kit option "PG-5H" is necessary for the connection.

※ 7: If you are connected to the personal computer and the TNC in packet mode, in addition to use with EchoLink Sysop mode of "PG-5H", serial communication cable "PG-5G" is also required.


6. Easy access, EchoLink memory node stations

You can only to EchoLink DTMF memory of up to 10, to register node number and call sign, and control commands.Moreover, I can by call sign · DTMF automatic conversion feature, or "Connect by call" "Query by call" also done in a simple operation. In addition, you can control the EchoLink memory in "MCP-6A". In the case of the only access to the EchoLink node stations from the radio, you do not need to register the call sign and dedicated software.


7. Operability is improved by large separate formula panel

The large panel of separate formula that emphasizes the installation flexibility and operability, by displaying on the LCD the function of each key, you can immediately access to various functions. And installation base with a base stand, we have included a panel installation base of two types as a tabletop, and the panel angle to the vehicle. The LCD backlight, large frequency display can be selected from two colors adopted a full dot matrix LCD.


8. (V × V, U × U) 2 wave function simultaneous reception same band

In addition to the two simultaneous reception wave function of 430MHz band and 144MHz band, I have a two-wave simultaneous reception function in the same band.


9. Memory control program ("MCP-6A") corresponding

You can use memory control program the "MCP-6A", you can set APRS / Nabitora and memory channel, the EchoLink various functions, the data creation, editing and management and custom startup screen on the PC  8 . The PC connection terminal, has two rear, the rear panel, can be used to suit your investment style.

※ 8: You need an optional or "PG-5G" and "PG-5H" to connect to a PC.


10. The three waves with a sky line signal canceller for wideband reception function

Equipped with broadband reception function of, 800 ~ 1300MHz 118 ~ 524MHz. Furthermore, the response to help train radio reception, empty line signal canceller three.


11. Voice Guide / Voice storage support "VGS-1" by (optional) speech synthesis unit

If you install the optional "VGS-1", (possible up read only the contents of the APRS menu) that can be confirmed by voice announce key operation. Also constantly recording of up to 30 seconds and voice messages is also possible.

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