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Ham Radio Amateur Articles

Yaesu FT-1900 fin de produccion

FT-1900 discontinued production

A finales de Enero de 2014 dejaran de fabricarse los modelos VHF de yaesu

  • FT-1900 (20W)
  • FT-1900H (50W)

En el 2013 ya fueron descatalogados los modelos siguientes:

  • VX-8G
  • FT-270
  • FT-950
  • VX-7/7B
  • FTM-350A/AH
  • FTDX9000 Contest

Minima Transceiver

Looks like a new QRP transceiver design came from Ashhar Farhan, the creator of BitX. It is a general coverage HF rig, with Si570 oscillator controlled by Arduino and both CW and SSB mode working, that can cost up to 100$ all new parts.

An interesting design approach at this transceiver is the high IF of 20 Mhz, the VFO mixer and the front-end filter, that uses two low pass filters, for operating between 0-15 MHz, respectively 15-30Mhz.

All the information regarding the design and how it works can be found on Farhan’s Minima Transceiver page.

And the discussion group at

Made me curious to build it, so I am already working on a PCB design

Minima Transceiver Schematic

Minima Transceiver

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Icom 50 º aniversario

Icom, los expertos en comunicación celebran su 50 º aniversario

Icom 50 º aniversario2014 es un año muy especial para la familia Icom, ya que marca el 50 aniversario de la fundación ICOM Inc.

Fundada en 1954 por Tokuzo Inoue la compañía ha crecido hasta convertirse en un fabricante de renombre mundial para las radios de Empresas, radioaficionados, radio marina, radio aviación, productos de navegación y receptores de comunicaciones. La compañía sigue prosperando, y recientemente, la empresa está trabajando en los productos digitales de Radioaficionado (D-STAR), productos de radio de dos vías digitales y sistemas, incluyendo NXDN, dPMR y productos P25 bajo su marca digital  IDAS.

IP100H WLAN Radio de Icom

IP100H icomRevolucionaria Nueva IP100H WLAN Radio de Icom!

A veces las ideas más simples son las mejores!

La simplicidad de este nuevo sistema es que la comunicación es de licencia libre y mediante un punto de acceso de red local inalámbrica (WLAN) .... que utiliza, literalmente, la misma tecnología que utilizamos para operar con nuestras tablet, teléfonos móviles o PC.


Funciones Básicas

El transceptor IP100H emite voz y los mensajes de texto preprogramados a la controladora IP1000C a través de los puntos de acceso inalámbricos desplegados en la red IP, el controlador redirecciona el tráfico a las unidades de destino. El comunicador remoto IP100FS crea una estación de despacho virtual sobre un PC basado en Windows. El IP100FS puede representar la posición y el estado de cada transceptor basada en los puntos de acceso inalámbricos.

Etón NEW Radios in 2014

Etón Corporation Announces New World Traveler Radios

In the 50th anniversary year of the Satellit radio, four new portable radios enable you to listen to music and news from around the globe - whenever, wherever

Etón Corporation, a leading creator of high-performance, eco-minded consumer products, announces four additions to the Etón radio line in 2014. New models include the Etón Field, Etón Mini, the Etón Traveler III and the Etón Satellit, all of which celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Satellit radio. All feature AM, FM and Shortwave radio and multiple power options, making them the perfect option to use at home and for travelers looking to stay tuned in while on the go.

Eton Satellit AM/FM/LW/Shortwave Radio with SSBEtón Satellit – Paying homage to the features that have made Satellit radios the top performers in radio reception and audio quality for the past 50 years, the Etón Satellit receives every radio wavelength – AM(MW), FM with RDS, Longwave and Shortwave - at home and abroad, making it the ultimate travel companion. Take the news of the world wherever you go. Features include:

  • Single Sideband (SSB) and VHF aircraft band
  • A PLL dual synthesized conversion receiver so your AM signal comes in strong and clear
  • RDS for FM which enables users to see your favorite stations’ call letters, style of music and song title
  • A Sync Detector, which lowers distortion and fading
  • Ability to store up to 700 stations
  • Line input to plug-in your favorite device
  • Local and world time settings
  • Rich orange LCD display
  • Alarm clock, sleep timer and time backup

Remote990 Internet Access to the TS-990S

Remote990 is a Windows program that lets you send CAT commands across the internet to a remote TS-990S transceiver.

When communicating with the TS-990S via the internet, the radio requires CAT commands to use UTF-16 character encoding. Most well-known application programs, however, use ASCII encoding, so it becomes necessary to convert between ASCII and UTF-16 if you want the application to communicate with the TS-990S.

Remote990 is a simple utility that performs the required conversion between ASCII and UTF-16, and in effect connects the application to the radio. No change to the application program is required – you run it exactly as you would on a PC connected directly to the radio.

TS-590 CATfix

TS-590 CATfix

A Windows utility that controls IF Filter switching and configures the radio for digital working

CATfix monitors the radio’s TF-SET button, and (optionally) toggles between IF Filter A and IF Filter B when you press and release the button. This is especially useful when chasing a rare DX station that is working split – you can set up a narrow filter to listen on the DX station’s TX frequency and a wider filter to monitor around your own TX frequency, then automatically toggle between the two filters as you press and release TF-SET.

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