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Ham Radio Amateur Articles

Icom ID-5100

Icom acaba de anunciar que a finales de febrero pondrá en el mercado el modelo ID-5100 un transceptor para 144/430MHz con GPS integrado D-Star y Bluetooth para accesibilidad a Smartphone Android.

El ID-5100 es el sucesor del modelo IC-2820G lanzado en 2007. Está equipado con una excelente interfaz de usuario en la pantalla de cristal líquido de panel táctil de gran tamaño.

icom ID-5100

  • ID-5100 – (20W) 570 euros aprox.
  • ID-5100D – (50W) 606 euros aprox.

Fecha de lanzamiento: A finales de febrero del 2014 (previsto)

Luxury HF transceiver IC-7700

Luxury HF transceiver IC-7700 add new features

Icom Inc., will release the new features of the model for high-level amateur radio transceiver IC-7700. Other added the waterfall display function can be seen also a weak signal Undetermined, only band scope was also achieved mouse operation of the band scope. In addition, by adding audio scope function that enables analysis of audio transmissions, PC-less remote shack support, and enhanced recording capabilities, a variety of functions, the actual fighting force of the IC-7700 has been further enhanced.

Luxury HF transceiver IC-7700 add new features


Nuevos Scaner de Whistler

La empresa Whistler Group, tiene ahora los derechos para la comercialización de los escáner GRE America, Inc. y planea lanzar una línea completa de escáneres con la marca de Whistler Los primeros modelos clonados se pudieron ver en la exposición de las Vegas a comienzos de enero:

  • Whistler WS10 (antiguos PSR-500, RadioShack PRO-106 )
  • Whistler  WS1065 (antiguos PSR-600, RadioShack PRO-197 )
  • Whistler  WS1095 (antiguo PSR-900)

Whistler  WS1065

ELAD FDM-S2 SDR Receiver

ELAD FDM-S2 SDR ReceiverELAD S2 and DUO - SDR Made in Italy

The second version of the receiver developed by Franco and his collaborators in Milan Elad continued on the same line of great simplicity and power contained in a low- occupation of space, powered directly from the USB port that acts as an interface and above all economic.

The price of 525 € should be dell'S2 ivati ​​and characteristics are even more interesting . Judging from the first preliminary information , Elad seems to have the desire to make a generational leap forward that was lacking in its competitors in Italy and abroad. The sampling frequency is dell'S2 of 122.88 MHz , which is equivalent to saying that in undersampling mode will be able to receive large portions of the spectrum to the VHF . The VHF input has two filters for tuning in bandea broadcast ( 74-108 MHz) and for the satellites meteeo and 2 meters of amateur radio ( 136-160 MHz) . The band gained in normal mode ranges from 9 kHz to 52 MHz Sensitivity is truly remarkable , with an MDS (minimum detectable signal, measured at 500 Hz bandwidth of 14 MHz ) equal to -132 dBm.

Ham Radio Rosetta tracking

Radio amateur: DIY Rosetta tracking

Amateur radio astronomer Bertrand Pinel, located near Castelnaudary, France, 65km from Toulouse, successfully tracked Rosetta on 21 January at 10:00 UTC using his home-rigged 3.5m dish antenna and radio receiver.

After receiving Rosetta's X-band signal, he kindly sent in these photos to document his success. He said he was as excited as a kid at Christmas while waiting for his own 'AOS' using his (mini) tracking station (Can we call it DSA4? – Ed).

ham radio Rosetta tracking

Thank you, Bertrand, for sharing your excellent work!

BTW: Bertrand's a relative expert at 'amateur' radio tracking; he most recently picked up the radio Doppler as ESA's Mars Express looped past Phobos on 29 December (read and listen via the MEX blog).

PCB for Minima HF Transceiver

PCB for Minima HF TransceiverThese days I did a little work in Eagle on the PCBs design for Farhan’s new Minima Transceiver. As suggested on the discussion group, I split up in two boards, actually three (one optional) as described:

  • one PCB for the LCD, Arduino and Si570;
  • the Main Board, with the rest of components;
  • an optional small board with the PC serial interface.


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