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Ham Radio Amateur Articles

P4dragon DR-7800


SCS P4dragon DR-7800

SCS is proud to present its new P4dragon DR-7800, a completely new development, and the first PACTOR-4 capable short-wave modem. P4dragon stands for the most ingenious data transfer algorithms and the highest computing power possible in PACTOR controllers of the 4th generation.

New PACTOR-4 SCS P4dragon DR-7800

The fast quad-core DSP used in the DR-7800 enables for the very first time, a high data rate, approaching very close to the Shannon limit, as well as an extremely high immunity to interference. PACTOR-4, with its 10 speed levels and adaptive equalizer, adjusts itself ideally to varying channel conditions, and guarantees reliable data transfer even under very poor propagation conditions. Due to this high reliability, P4dragon modems allow transmission of safety relevant data via shortwave, and provide an excellent value for money when compared to many satellite services.

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NEW protocol PACTOR-4 (P4)


The high speed protocol PACTOR-4 (P4), is THE HF-Data protocol of the 4th generation, using the most modern methods of adaptive channel equalization, channel coding and source compression

The resulting highly adaptive ARQ mode adjusts itself almost perfectly to the varying conditions of the short-wave channel. Due to the narrowly synchronized ARQ grid (like with PACTOR-3, but with more speed levels and a better switching algorithm), it rapidly adapts to changes in channel conditions.

Highlights of PACTOR-4:

  • 10500/5500 bps net (PMC/uncompressed)
  • At least twice as fast as PACTOR-3 the same power and bandwidth!
  • Backwards compatible with PACTOR-1/-2/-3
  • 400 Hz bandwidth
  • Highly adaptive (10 speed levels)
  • High interference immunity (up to -20 dB @ 3 kHz)
  • 6 auto-notches
  • Adaptive equalizer


Remoteshack RBC-212

Remoteshack  RBC-212Remoteshack  RBC-212


REM Plug & Play installation.
Computer-Internet optional.
Preconfigured for your transceiver.
Use your phone or computer to control


  • TX, RX, Set/Speak VFO’s
  • Scan the bands
  • Set and recall memories
  • Fine tune stations
  • Apply filters


Logikey K-5 Keyer

Logikey K-5 Keyer hamradioNEW Logikey K-5 Keyer

Fully iambic keyer. Six active memories at one time, eighteen memories with banking. Assembled, tested and ready to use. $149.95 plus shipping

The new Logikey K-5 keyer replaces the classic K-3 keyer, of which thousands have been sold. The K-5 uses the identical firmware – all operating features of the K3 remain unchanged. The K-5 features a new, lower height chassis/cabinet with improved fit and finish. The K-5 includes a built in battery holder, which accepts three AAA cells, which will run the keyer for many months of normal operating. The K-5 will also run off 12 volts DC, and when powered with 12 volts DC the batteries if installed do not drain.

The K-5 also includes some circuit refinements, designed to offer improved protection for the CPU from lightning and static discharges.

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Logikit SCAF-1 - the Deceptively Simple Filter

Logikit SCAF-1 Logikit SCAF-1 Tired of noise? Noise that isn't the signal you want to copy? White noise, line noise, hiss? And off frequency stuff you don't want to hear? Do you want to modernize your old rig without spending thousands of dollars? The new SCAF-1 filter from Idiom Press makes your radio listener friendly, whether you are an SSB or CW operator.

Modern IF filtering design is the best ever. But the engineer still has to design an audio output that will accommodate the widest signal the radio is designed to copy. Typically, this is 6 kHz. for wide band AM or for FM. The audio passband must be capable of passing such signals through. The designers have accomplished this beautifully - and as a result, when using narrower band modes, off frequency QRM can be passed through with brilliant fidelity. Even if you don't want to hear it.

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WiNRADiO WR-G39DDC receiver series

WR-G39DDC Receiver Series - Preliminary

The WiNRADiO WR-G39DDC receiver series offers high-performance HF/VHF/UHF/SHF software-defined receivers with a frequency range from 9 kHz to 3500 MHz, with two independent channels of 4 MHz wide instantaneous bandwidth available for recording and further digital processing, plus a 16 MHz wide real-time spectrum analyzer.

These receivers offer a flexible SDR architecture, respectable dynamic range, high sensitivity and scanning speed, fulfilling multiple roles of monitoring, surveillance, fast-search and measuring receivers, with many operational and instrumentation features not usually found on receivers of any price category.

There are two receiver models of identical RF specifications and performance, but with different types of computer interface:

WiNRADiO WR-G39DDCi receiver WR-G39DDCi (PCI-express bus)
WiNRADiO WR-G39DDCe receiver WR-G39DDCe (USB 2.0 interface)

Artificial RF Ground

Artificial RF Ground

Maximize your antenna's efficiency.

The ideal RF ground is having your station equipment mounted in and thoroughly grounded to a metal tub floating in salt water. Hani stations in boats approach this ideal, but the rest of us usually have to settle for considerably less efficient RF grounds. The many hams living in high-rise apartments and condos, even those with their stations on the ground floor of the typical house, have station ground leads many feet long between the equipment and actual ground-While this provides the DC ground necessary for safety, it is seldom an efficient RF ground on all the bands that you normally work.

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